The AirMobile Server

The AirMobile server comes in a pre-installed 1u Linux and MySQL appliance.

The only configuration needed before connecting the appliance to the network is setting the IP-address, default gateway and DNS.

The AirMobile server sorts incoming scanning reports from the agents. Discovered access points are analyzed by the server, estimating the level of threat the access point poses to the corporate network. When a new access point is discovered, the server automatically match the access points MAC-address to the database containing all known MAC-addresses by the switches, pointing out where the AP is connected to the network. The server will raise the risk indicator to 100% if the access point is found on the corporate network and is running without any encryption.

Maps with triangulated APīs are easy to find on the AirMobile server for each site specified. This picture shows how we have positioned a WEP AP by triangulation with help of GPS and signal strength measurements of the area only using one AirMobile PDA agent for a totally automated scan assessment.